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Stockholm night sky workshops

Are you are looking for a new photography experience and long to be out under a sky full of stars learning how to capture the night sky? Or perhaps you want to gift someone special with this fantastic opportunity? Here’s what you can learn and experience on a night sky workshop with me:
  • How to plan and shoot the night sky in Stockholm and beyond
  • Night sky options – We will be shooting wide angle night sky photography. This means shooting on a lens with at least 28mm Full frame equivalent focal length. This is possible with any DSLR camera from 2012 onwards, or mirrorless or even on a modern top of the range mobile. Contact me for details if your camera gear is suitable
  • You can choose from shooting the milky way, star trails or constellations, all with our without a landscape foreground
  • You will need your own camera, 28mm FF equivalent lens / min F4 aperture, ideally F2.8 or wider / An intervalometer (internal or external) is needed for star trails
  • Best value - Optional lightroom editing session available to bring out the best in your images. We'll cover basic to advanced tools and techniques to bring out the best in your astro images. This is carried out in Lightroom classic

Lousia “Thank you Gavin for this beautiful experience”
Eva “It was awesome and fun and I’ll never forget this night”
Anders “I really enjoyed the workshop!”

Once you have booked…
You’ll receive an info pack before your workshop to learn many fundamentals on astro photography. Planning is key for the first steps in astro imaging and will help you avoid much dissapointment when out on location. This will cover planning such as:
*When and where to shoot and how to locate targets in the night sky
* Recommended night sky apps to help you plan your shoot including weather, light pollution, moon cycles and milky way visibility
*A simple checklist of what you will need, including camera gear, clothing and a hot drink to keep warm
*Essential camera settings to help achieve great images
* The optional Lightroom editing session is avaliable in person to those of you in Stockholm, or via Zoom to anyone in the world, with the option to record your live session. It will take your milky way images to the next level, fast track your post processing skills and offers fantastic value as a complete photography package.

Send us a dm today for more info and I hope to see you out under the stars soon!

*Please note, to buy a workshop with me, contact me directly.