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Pre orders on my 2023 Stockholm calendar are open until 31st October.

I'm offering exclusive free content with all pre orders, this includes 1x 20 x 30cm print on high quality matt paper.
The calendars are available in A3 or A4 format with 13 of my favourite Stockholm images.
Check my previous calendar post for full calendar content
A4 inc shipping 270kr
A3 inc shipping 415kr
Send me a dm for order info
Shipping will start middle of November. To ensure delivery by Christmas, please order by 7th December if shipping outside of Sweden is required
10% discount on multibuys.
*BUY NOW is a secure paypal link to make your payment. Here you must manually enter the amount in Swedish Kronor for the total number of calendars you want.
Individual prints available on all calendar images.
Contact me for any enquiries and ordering for multibuys
A1 CoverA1 Jan 2022A2 Februari V2 (1 of 1)A3 Mars 2022A4 April V2 (1 of 1)A5 Maj V2 (1 of 1)A6 Juni 2022A7 Juli V2 (1 of 1)A8 August V2 (1 of 1)A9 September v2 2022A10 OktoberA11 2022  November V4 (1 of 1)A12 December 2022