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Lightroom editing sessions
If you find you're often short on time to learn new editing techniques
and spend wasted hours trawling through masses of YouTube videos
trying to find one that suits you, or maybe you miss having someone on hand
to fast track you over any editing obstacles you run into
then this is could be the session for you!

- Currently I'm offering 4 levels of Lightroom editing packages -
'Getting Started' , 'Beginner' , 'Intermediate' or a 'Tailor Made' editing Tutorial
All are available via Zoom on Lightroom CC mobile or Lightroom Classic desktop programs.
Each has 2 different options - 1 hour or 2 hour sessions plus special offers on multi-bookings of 3 - 1 hour or 3 - 2 hour sessions

'Getting Started'
What can you learn?
• We start by creating, organising and naming your folders containing your images on your own device
• Importing and setting up to your Lightroom library for easy and methodical access to all your images
• Editing in Develop mode - learning the tools, what they all do and how they affect your images
• We will cover basic manual editing of your images which give fundamental skills to produce well balanced, correctly exposed images with great tones
• Exporting your images to your hard drive, 'singles and batches' and explaining different formats to save as

We expand on the essentials you have learnt to date in Lightroom.
• For more advanced editing techniques in the program you will learn about presets, creating your own presets, using different masking techniques, filters and brushes on your images, creating and saving your own effects for filter and brush use
• What is HSL / colour? What is colour grading? We explore the this powerful tool and how to utilise it to bring out the best in colour work for your images

We'll dive a little deeper into each tool where you are encouraged to explore and push different effects and adjustments to their limits. This will support you to help discover your own unique editing style.
• How to optimise your workflow. We look at how you use Lightroom and how you can maximise your workflow efficiency
• HDR merging for ultimate dynamic range in your images / panoramas
• Editing for printing - going the extra mile with your editing to refine the final image ready for printing (some Photoshop work can be included if desired)

'Tailor Made sessions'
Here we can design a Lightroom session based exactly on your needs.
• Maybe you have an editing style in mind you wish to try, or a part of Lightroom you often get stuck working with, or maybe you've started a new photography genre and just want to learn how to start to edit it.
• We will create a Lightroom session for you based around your needs.

• All Tutorials are 121 based online and held on Zoom
• For people in Stockholm I am happy to meet in person for editing sessions in the city - coffee is on me!
• E-mail Me today for more info.

Click here to book a session and see prices for each course