I guess my photography journey began as far back at the age of 14 when I first felt the strong urge to shoot a sunset whilst on a family holiday in Blackpool, UK. I never made the shot as my parents had other plans but that feeling remains strong and vivid even to this day.

During my adult life I've always had a point and shoot digital camera which I casually enjoyed from time to time, but life was otherwise too busy with other interests and a chef career that took priority for many years. However since 2016 when I bought my first dslr camera, the very capable entry level Nikon D3300, that's when my passion became fully ignited. Since 2019 I upgraded to a professional level system, the Nikon D850 with lenses to match and feel my photography has gone from strength to strength along with my desire to learn more and more about my passion and my dream is clearly one day to make the transition into photography as a full time career.


In the pipeline...

Further down the line I am working on a number of Stockholm photobooks for release. More info to follow in the coming months..


Thank you for reading!