2024 Calendar update...


I have a handful of A3 2024 Stockholm Calendars still available. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the featured section / click on 2024 calendar to check out the images and how to place your order


Stockholm Nightsky workshops 2024


New dates avaliable for my nightsky workshops in Stockholm. You're welcome to contact me for more info here


 November 2023 - New print arrivals!


I've uploaded a few new photos to my portfolio here. This image was taken at my local lake Magelungen last December during such a beautiful morning and conditions!

If you're interested in purchasing this image, or any other of my Stockholm landscape images, you can browse so here or click on the Prints drop down tab to search through my portfolio. For clients outside of Sweden you can order your prints through my website, although it's recommended to contact me first so I can answer any questions you may have on the printing process.

For clients in Sweden, kindly contact me directly for any print enquiries and I will deal with those myself as I use a local printing service for clients in Sweden.


June 2023 - I'm proud and excited to announce I've renewed my Ambassadorship for Haida Filters. They've been my preferred filter brand for 5 years now as their quality is just amazing. If you live in Sweden I can offer a generous 15% discount for their products when you buy via Kamda.se, so you're welcome to contact me for a discount code.


All the best, Gavin



Welcome to my portfolio and online shop where I showcase some of my best photography images from Stockholm county, Sweden.

My photography goal is simple, To express emotion and beauty through photography. I hope to convey the feelings I have whilst out shooting, sharing the experience with the viewer in my online gallery. Often I enjoy going a little off piste too with my own creative splash added in post editing. My own form of escapism perhaps which is all good fun!

Here I like to utilise this platform as one of my expressive outlets for my photography. I'm truly pleased if you just want to browse around and enjoy my images. I love sharing my work for people to enjoy so perhaps leave a comment or like an image if you wish :)

To view my full portfolio, hop over at my instagram page, or for a view of some of my favourites, you're welcome to browse here. Prints can be ordered either directly from my website shop which is accessible via any of my images in my portfolio, just hit the 'buy' button to browse my webshop, or from my instagram by direct messaging me about any images you're interested in.

In addition I am pleased to offer a free, in depth professional consultation on your fine art photography printing requirements, be it for yourselves or as a gift for someone special.


For any enquiries kindly contact me directly and I'll be happy to help.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed your tour and

I wish you a good day!



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